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A Dentist in Provo Explains What is a Dental Crown, and is it Required?

Dental Crowns

Did you visit a dentist Orem for an oral exam and cleaning?  Did you get a treatment that feels fine now with your teeth? Did your dentist suggest a crown for your teeth?

What are crowns?

A tooth requires a crown if it is broken or decayed portion. Aiming to salvage the remaining, the dentist in Orem gets a crown made of tooth-colored ceramic. This helps to cover the entire tooth or the visible area or it covers just the problem area.

Apart from repairing the deep or large decay areas or the missing teeth portions, the crowns are useful to control fractures, suitable for alignment of teeth problems, correct bite, and also to promote aesthetics.

When is a Crown Needed?

A Dentist in Provo, UT varies with their opinion regarding the need for a crown. Dental treatments are subjective and dentists consider it normal to have valid opinions about fixing a tooth problem.

For instance, in case there is a fracture going through a molar and there are no other symptoms. The problem is that even the x-rays to not reveal the depth of the fracture. The truth is that the expert dentists are aware of the fact that a fracture is sure to cause tooth loss as it may split later.

Thus, taking other clues into consideration, there is a need to decide if the filling will work or not, will it be some temporary fix or will it make things worse. Thus, it entirely depends on the dentist’s judgment to decide.

Options of Dental Crown

There are different crown types that you and your dentist can choose, based on your teeth and budget condition.

  • Partial Crown:  A partial crown is to cover only a portion of a tooth and it is made from ceramic in tooth-color or metal such as gold.
  • Full Crown: If the tooth needs full cover, there is a need for a full crown and there are different types of choices such as ceramic covered metal, tooth-colored ceramic, or silver or gold metal in100%.

Discussing these options with a dentist in Provo means you can also consider if you need teeth whitening or do you need to correct some other areas close to the new crown.

The dentists normally point out if there is a filling required in the adjacent tooth and they can assist you to arrive at the right decision by explaining the options.

Ask Your Dentist

Dentist Provo is trustworthy and they do take time. They ensure to give their patients proper information and also stay open to your questions. They answer everything related to the crown, the price, the time required, the number of appointments needed and insurance.

Do I Need a Crown?

If your dentist says a crown is needed, it means you do need it, regardless of whether the tooth hurts or not. You can get an explanation from your dentist about the available option and the fillings. Ascertain to have a clear understanding of the finances and procedures, so that you are not under any pressure or rush.