The Air Force Uniforms New Roll-Out of Combat Uniforms Gaining Importance

US Air Force OCP Uniform

The air force is going for the new combat uniform. It will ramp up across the service entirely and take to follow the Operational Camouflage Pattern uniform as the air force uniforms. By April 2021, the airmen will ditch the old uniform and switch to the OCPs.

The OCP Uniform

In 2018 itself, the air force permitted the airmen to start wearing OCPs, and the same new pattern was available at some of the AAFES stores. However, there will be more available in the AAFES stores in October 2020.

The OCP uniform is the standard uniform for the air force in the U.S.  The air force uniforms will be having the name tapes in spice brown. It is issued to the U.S. troops, and in the middle of the chest, the rank will display.

The airmen can wear their OCP uniforms, and it is the official utility uniform was the confirmation from higher authorities. The new uniform was the choice for its improved comfort and fit. It is helpful for the airmen to fit with the field soldiers. It was a decision taken as per the airmen who consistently were insisting on having the same version as the Army’s uniform.

The PT Uniform Decision

The air force is anticipating possible changes to its physical training uniform and service jacket soon. The air force officials enlisted the desire of the airmen to change their modern service jacket as it appears similar to a business suit design. Instead, they are looking out for a traditional, military-style service jacket.

The air force is considering changes in the PT uniform. It will include moisture-wicking fabric uniforms so that it increases the comfort in warmer climates while sweating is more. The PT uniform will change, is a strong belief, though the Air Force has not given its firm decision on the possible changes in the PT uniform.