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What’s Your Interior Design Park City Style: A Breakdown of All the Styles

park city interior design

What interior design park city style do you like? This is one of the questions that you need to know the answer to if you ever decide to work with a designer. If you’re not sure what kind of design fits you then keep reading to learn more about what kind of interior designs are out there.

Traditional Interior Design

The traditional style is one of the most common styles that people choose. The traditional style is the oldest style and it’s rooted in heritage as well as traditional forms. In a traditionally designed home, you can often find pieces that were made hundreds of years ago. Traditional style home is all about conscious layering and formality.

Boho Interior Design

The boho style which is also known as the bohemian style has become very popular over the past couple of years. Bohemian style is all about having a home that looks organic as well as natural. In a bohemian home you can often find a lot of rattan, bamboo, textiles as well as a lot of bright colors. The boho style is very playful and exotic.

Organic Modern Interior Design

The organic modern style is very neutral as well as inviting and very casual. Modern style always feels very clean and peaceful. This interior design style is all about layering neutral textiles as well as textures to help create interest rather than more colors. In the modern styles, you will often find light-toned wood, brass as well as relaxed textiles and chrome.

Electric Interior Design 

The electric style is very close to the bohemian style, they are almost like cousins. Those two have many similarities as far as colors and collected nature. However, in the electric styles pieces are often less organic and way more styled. Electric styled homes are often filled with some iconic art pieces and bright lights.

Farmhouse Interior Design

The farmhouse style has become super mainstream in the past couple of years, thanks to one of the most popular tv shows called Fixer Upper. This style often uses a lot of salvaged objects that get put together in a more modern way. In farmhouse style homes you can often find a lot of blues, greens as well as white and black. A farmhouse styled home can feel very inviting and very comfortable.

Glam Interior Design

The glam style is filled with a lot of luxuries such as leather, velvet, and suede. This style can often feel very high-end as well as polished and it always employs the finest of finishes. In this kind of a home, you can often find minimal impactful touches as well as an elevated look without adding too many things to the house.

All these interior designs are all so beautiful and you can never go wrong with any of them. Did you know you can always mix two different styles together? Park city interior design professionals often will mix bohemian and electric together or they will mix mid century with modern.